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TLEMK tells me that I should blog more when I'm angry because it makes her laugh (HAH!).

So right now I am "angry" that nobody wants $5.

All seriousness aside, we had a good time last night having a few drinks at Jimmy's in Naperthrill (I don't know Jimmy, too) for Tony's birthday--he'll get to 30 before me, if only by a few weeks. Oh, and he's funnier than I am, so go check him out, too.

It's too early to be blogging.

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Raise your hand if you've heard of PayPal.

Ok, put it down.

Raise your hand if you remember how PayPal started. You don't? Well let me give you a little refresher... It started as a Palm OS app where you could beam money to your friends. They grew into the auction business more because the penetration of Palm OS devices wasn't very large.

Fast forward to today. Cell phones are pretty ubiquitous, and SMS is growing at a huge rate. There is a company that is don't the same thing, but using SMS to send money called TextPayMe.

Here's the deal. Sign up with the link above, or the banner below. They give you $5, and if enough people (36--get it?) click before my birthday, I get an XBox 360. So what better way to say happy birthday to me than to get me a 360 at no cost to you?

SignUp at TextPayMe

Hotels.com deceptive advertising

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This is the tale of a disappointing experience with Hotels.com that was the only scar in an otherwise excellent weekend. Approximately a month ago, us and 4 others planned a "mini" ski trip to the huge Rib Mountain in Wisconsin, more commonly known as Granite Peak. Ok, so it isn't huge, but it's one of the bigger runs in the midwest. Our planned weekend: president's day as the teachers got it off.

Morning Person, Day 4

So far so good. I have actually been getting up at 6a without having to snooze or anything. This morning I have run into some difficulty, though. I'm bored. I'm sitting here in a hotel room with some friends, but they are ALL asleep. And it's really cold outside (-6F). It's supposed to get up to 12F today. At least it's warmer for skiing than it was yesterday.

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Morning person, day 1


For those of you that have the joy to know me personally (my condolances, seriously), you probably know that I'm not a morning person. I'm happy sleeping in until the sun is in the middle of the sky. These same people were probably the ones that were shocked when I linked to a blog about getting up early.

Well, I didn't do the insane 5a thing mentioned in that page, but I got up at the dark hour of 6a--about 2 hrs earlier than normal. I even did it without snoozing the alarm. You're probably wondering what I did with my extra time, eh? I'm going to tell you anyway. I got up, showered, took the dog for a loooong walk, dodging the crazy high school kids, caught up on my news, etc. Mostly the stuff that I do at 10a, just shifted early.

That same guy talks about doing multiple short naps in a day, but really being awake for about 21 hrs. I don't know if I will get there, but this is a start to sleeping a lot less.

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