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Life without Internet

Where were we 7 years ago before the Goog became popular?

Where were we before Mosaic came out?

What did we ever do when we had to look up a phone number or get directions?

I really had forgotten life without internet until yesterday when our connection at the office went out. Yes folks, work slowed down, but surprisingly it didn't come to a screaching halt. Nope, we got stuff done, and when we got blocked on something we had to look up on the big I (an API spec perhaps), we moved on to something else.

Unfortunately as a remote office we tend to rely on being connected to our mothership for quite a few things. I know that my boss is going nutso because he can't get to his email (but he's insane and checks it every minute anyway [Hi Matt!]), and can't IM people. It truly is amazing how much an office--especially a remote technology office--relies on a data connection.

I guess it's time to use the phone. Or maybe find a dialup ISP to use. Ewww...

Let's hope SBC figures out what happened soon. They're losing money on this one.

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Every once in awhile you get a funny and dead on comment on slashdot. I found
one quite humorous on the differences between *nix (unix, linux, etc.) programmers and windows programmers.

Unix programmers like their code like the old legos. Each piece might be a different size or shape, but the bottom of one snaps onto the top of another and the ordering and number of pieces used is left as an excercise for the reader. With experience, anything can be built with the pieces, and yet each piece is simple and easy to understand.

Windows is like the new lego sets. You get specialized premolded parts suitable for one specific task, plus two or three additional add-on pieces that give the illusion of being fully configurable for any task. You can build anything you want with the new legos, as long as you only want to build what is on the cover of the package.

I see this quite often (every day, sometimes multiple times?)....

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RSS Mini Rant

I promise that if I ever decide to change the url of my RSS feed that I will do one of two things:
1. Post a message on the old feed that points to the new feed; or
2. (preferred) Redirect the old feed to the new one so that you do not need to update your news aggregator. I'll even use a 301 redirect so that your smart aggregator will permanently change the URL.

It's something that doesn't seem so hard to do, yet saves a bunch of people (ok, 4 in my case) the aggrivation of having to figure out why their rss aggregator isn't picking up new entries or (even better) the inconvience of having to update their aggregator to the new feed url.

I understand that sometimes you want to change software or the layout of the site, but seriously, can't you do this for your readers?

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