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  • Happy Fun Ball - One of the best SNL commercials. Right up there with the bass-o-matic.

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  • Online Pinch Hitter - I would recommend any non-pilot that flies with me occasionally (*cough* beth *cough*) to take this course.
  • R/C B-29 with X-1 rocket - Awesome scale model B-29 drops an X-1 for a little flight of its own.
  • MetroMapr.com - A mashup of google maps with the "L" maps. Has all the stations as well.

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It's done

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I finally succumbed for the season.

The heat is now on in our house.

It was 64 at the thermostat and 63.1 upstairs when I turned it on. I'm surprised we lasted this long.

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  • A Simple Show of Hands - "To hold someone’s hand is to offer them affection, protection or comfort. It is a way to communicate that you are off the market."
  • Dreaming in Browser Swamp - "Most non-technical people I know pretty much live in their browsers, and they only emerge periodically to stare in puzzlement at iTunes or a game or something, and wonder why isn't it in the browser, because everything else useful seems to be."

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  • Pet Peek - Dogs are curious, they want to know what’s happening out there!

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  • For Vista, WGA gets tougher - "'Windows Vista will have a reduced functionality mode but one that is enhanced.' Enhanced reduced functionality? Orwell would be proud."
  • MIT sketching - Drawing program/language to allow a computer to understand simple mechanical devices and execute them.
  • How to make roses from maple leaves - I'll have to try this as my maple begins to shed.

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  • MySQL Tips - ASCII listing of a bunch of good mysql tips
  • Top ten geek business myths - "Business is about taking a bright idea and assembling a team that can turn that idea into a product and bring that product to customers who want to buy it."

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