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Gift Baskets

I never really understood gift baskets. Some company takes a $3 basket, stuffs it 3/4 full with confetti, and gets a whole bunch of little items--1 oz. bag of gummi bears, a handful of popcorn, a little choclate, a pot's worth of coffee, etc. Then they wrap it in celophane.

Total cost to them, probably less than $10. Total cost to the purchaser, more like $40-50 and sometimes even more. That doesn't include any shipping charges.

Our home office just sent us one of those.


Save the $50 and give us a nice bottle of tequilla or vodka.

Fun With The Home Office

Our Boston office is always sending out emails that there are sugary treats available in the kitchen--from donuts to brownies to leftover lunch food... Today I grabbed a Krispy Kreme and noticed that there were quite a few left. If we weren't going to eat, them, we should probably offer them up to everyone, right? I suggested this to Matt and he sent an email to everyone. I guess there were quite a few injuries as the people out there fought their way to the office. It started quite a riot.

Ahhh.... Friday afternoon punchy humor. Gotta love it!

Linux Wireless Card Works!!

After months of banging my head against the wall trying to get my Linksys WPC55AG 802.11 a/b/g card working under RedHat 9.0, I finally figured something out. The most recent madwifi drivers weren't the problem. It turns out that the MAC address filtering on my access point (Linksys BERW11S4) is backwards from what you would expect. Also, in typical Linksys fashion, the documentation isn't the greatest--good enough if you understand the concept, but doesn't provide technical details.

Special thanks to this tech note.

Welcome to my blog

I just installed movable type and am in the process of configuring it. I don't quite know if I like it yet, but figured that enough people are using it, so it must not be too bad. I have noticed off the bat that it is very slow. Perhaps there are some things that I can do to speed it up.

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