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Outsourcing gone too far?

Yet another funny cartoon. I could almost see this in a south park episode.

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They're coming to take me away..

I got this little cartoon about a week ago. I looked at it again and decided it was blogworthy.


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Google and Sun. Yawn.

After all the speculation that was floating around the internet the past few days, the "big" announcement today was just that they were going to work together on a toolbar. Big deal.

In other news, has anything really happened with the Sun/Microsoft partnership?

This post on ars does a good job talking about it.

I still think that the network will become the computer, but this does nothing to advance that.


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There has been a lot of buzz the last few days about Google developing an online office suite, perhaps with Sun?

Maybe this is related?

I've been thinking about this a bit lately as well. The thing that I come back to is the idea of someone else controlling my data. A partnership between two larger corporations helps, but I think we need to get more diverse than that. I think that the only way people will feel secure is if their data is distributed in many places--both split up into pieces, and replicated between owners--and without the keys, you won't be able to figure out where it is stored or how to decript it.

I think we will see the network as the computer, like it or not, being the next big application of the Internet. What would it take for you to move?

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