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  • Can I see your receipt, sir? - "Another fun approach, if you are detained, is to inform the store that they may indeed inspect your bags or your receipt, if and only if all items are immediately returned for a full refund."

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Playing around with Zooomr

Reflections of a T-28

Just started playing around with zooomr. There are some things that I like about it and the way it handles geotagging, but I haven't quite groked the interface yet. It's definately different than Flickr, and that may or may not be a good thing. It relies more on AJAX, that's for sure.

More comments as I play around with it...

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Prolonging the solution

When I posted a couple of links the other day relating to software/management consultants, little did I know that today I would be living in an Office Space moment.

Long story short, my boss's boss needs to show that he is doing something about some of the issues we've been having (most relating to 3rd party tools, but I digress) so he brought in a consultant to find the silver bullet.

What's the first thing this consultant asks for? SLOC.

The next thing he asked for, however, really and truely boggles my mind. He wants to know the number of columns in our database schema. Not tables, but columns. This seems even more assanine then knowing SLOC.

Apparently he has some sort of tool that will tell him how many man hours it took to build, etc. Not sure how that factors in, but I'm sure it doubles the estimates or something. There's some geeking out after the jump, but I leave you with this fun little motivational poster.

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  • Boeing 777 Wing Stress Test - Wow.
  • Why can't Johnny download? - "Programmers do this naturally, because programmers know the difference between transmission of data by value and transmission of data by reference. But almost nobody else does." -- Don't be alarmed if I don't attach a file, but rather send you a URL.

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  • On Vacation - This seems to ring true, even outside of architecture (the focal point of the cartoon)

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Paper or plastic?

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Although I live in a country that requires the ability to vote electronically, I am happy to state that in Cook County, IL, I still get a choice. I was pleased that when I went to vote this morning I was presented with the option to vote paper. It's not as easy as punching a punch card anymore--it's done with a huge scantron sheet--but at least there is a verifiable paper trail.

I think what made me happier was the number of people, when presented with the option, either firmly chose paper, or asked "is there some sort of paper verification of my vote with the touchscreen?" Now, that being said, there were a lot of lines to draw on the paper scantron sheet. At one point my laziness kicked in and I was wishing for the touchscreen, but I feel more strongly about the need for a paper trail.

Apparently 90 other people in my precinct before me did, too, as the ballot verification machine had a counter on it.

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