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Some Random Thoughts

None of these has been blogworthy on its own, but here are some things that I have thought about over the past week or so...

  • Great America rocks during the "offseason"--before the k-12 kiddies get out of school. We went last Wednesday and got through every coaster at least once in less than 2 hours. At the end of the day we rode V2 about 6 times--without getting off of the ride--and the front of Batman twice, also without having to remove our butts from the painful seats.
  • We Like to Party (the Six Flags theme song) isn't as annoying if you make fun of it.
  • My Kyocera 7135 palm phone crapped out yet again. Same thing--wouldn't find a signal, or when it did, it wouldn't make a call. After a few minutes on the phone with Verizon tech support, they told me they are no longer supporting the 7135 (gee, I wonder why), so they couldn't send me a replacement 7135. Instead they sent me a Treo 600. After less than a week, I generally like this phone better than the 7135. Now all I have to do is figure out a way to get a cheap Treo 650...
  • Cubs GameRich's boss gets great tickets to the Cubs (thanks again, Rich).. We were right behind the visitor's dugout, and got to see Prior get his arm taken off.
  • Electrical wiring in old houses sucks. I spent the better part of Sunday trying to rewire one circuit to make a circuit availble for the bathroom (and only the bathroom). I thought that it would be easy to convert the unused 220 outlet (there for an air conditioner a long time ago) to it's own circuit. 8 hours later we got it taken care of, but I'm still a bit sore from pulling.
  • It was a beautiful weekend for flying, but of course I didn't do any. C'est la vie

I had thought of more when I started this post, but of course I got distracted and forget them. At any rate, at least it's a "real" blog post, right Ness?

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code code code
all day long
code code code
while I sing this song
-- hastily adapted from Adam Sandler's janitor skit

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People 1, MPAA 0

For those of you living under a rock, or not caring about the future of high definition television, the DC court of appeals ruled that the FCC overstepped its bounds when it mandated support of the broadcast flag in any high definition equipment sold after 1 July 2005.

This is great news for the people of the United States as well as the hardware equipment manufacturers. It will allow the hardware to remain less expensive as the hardware manufacturers don't need to spend dollars researching how to implement this technology, and it will spur competition in the hardware as approval is no longer required before legally distributing a piece of equipment.

Bear in mind, that you can be guaranteed the MPAA will either go to congress and use it's significant pool of money to lobby that the power be congressionally given to the FCC, and/or the MPAA will attempt to try this in the supreme court. Fortunately for us, it is currently written into law that the FCC can only regulate the devices that broadcast, and once it is a part of the public spectrum, the public can do what it wishes.

The EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation) has some good information on digital television and the broadcast flag.


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I finally moved my old computer out of my office this afternoon. I didn't realize that the case I purchased for my new computer was THIS quiet. I can't hear the fans in it at all.

It's quite unnerving, really.

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For those of you that don't know, there is a site called that provides logins for stupid sites that require compulsory user registration (such as the new york times, etc.). I created a little javascript that will popup a window with an username and password for the site, or an entry to add one to the list if it doesn't exist in their database.

To use this javascript, just drag the following link to your links bar: popup login


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