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Mildly annoying


For those of you that don't know, I run multiple operating systems (I know, shocker). My main development machine at work is a laptop running Linux (Kenny does not approve), and at home I generally use Winders.

There are times when I have to kill Firefox--a machine reboot (Windows), hanging flash plugin (Linux), etc.--and restart it. Firefox (versions >= 2) is wonderful in that it saves what tabs and pages were open in the event of an unexpected shutdown. There is even a dialog that shows up when you start back up, asking if you'd like to restore your session or, in the event a page you were viewing caused a crash, to start a new session. My mild annoyance can be seen in these screen grabs:



I cannot count, using available appendages, the number of times I've started a new session because the buttons were backwards from what I had been expecting. It would be really nice if they were in the same order.

Bonus points if you can explain to me why they aren't. Sorry Kenny, you already know the answer and thus are ineligible for bonus points.

Avast ye!


DirecTV HD TiVo?

Thanks MC for pointing this out. Looks like DirecTV and TiVo set aside their differences (probably with enough complaining from DTV customers about their crappy dvr) and are coming out with a new HD Tivo.

Now the question is, can I wait a year for it?

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