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Time Shift

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I'm glad I have a TiVo. Due to prior obligations, I won't be able to watch the game tomorrow night until I get home around 930.

Why am I telling you this? If any of you tries to call me before I have seen the game, I'm not going to answer.

I don't wanna know.

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And then there were two...


Take that, Dukie V., Baby!

So much for that deserved number one ranking, eh?

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Laptop drying tips?

So I was working this morning, went to reach for my glass of water and instead of grabbing it, I knocked it over onto my laptop. I ran for the paper towels, but what I should have done was shut off the laptop first.

All of a sudden the screen went blank, then after a few seconds it came back on, but started beeping at me and wouldn't stop. I shut the thing off, took it apart and let it air dry for a few hours.

When I put it back together, I pressed the power button, the power light came on, the hard drive spun up, the dvd drive accessed, and then the power shut back off. I'm not sure what to try next.

Guess I didn't really want to get much done today anyway.

What can Brown do for you?


That's really cool.


That's pretty cool, too.

I was watching the game tonight and had a chuckle during the "UPS Halftime Report" when the ad said "What Can Brown do for you?" so I decided to play with photoshop.

What do you think?

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Link Blog(ish)

I've been using del.icio.us for about a month now, and I've found that I am bookmarking less locally. It's really cool to a. be able to bookmark stuff in one spot; and b. share those bookmarks with anyone that cares.

I spent last night hacking together a python script (why python? because I wanted to learn it) to integrate my del.icio.us links into my blog, kind of as a link blog. I'm not sure that it's in the format that I want, but I think it's a Good Start (tm).

Hopefully it doesn't fail when it runs at 0:05Z daily.

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To join or not to join?

I've been watching everyone upgrade and change their blogging software, and I'm trying to decide if I want to join the fray. I've been pretty happy with MT, and the things that I would fix by moving to a different backend might not outweigh the drawbacks of the lack of features in others.

Here's what I really like about MT:
- Easily setup separate blogs
- Plugins
- interfaces to remotely blog
- easily customizable (although I really haven't)

Here's what I'd like changed:
- Perl (I'd like to see php)
- static pages (have to rebuild every time)
- multiple categories
- better Firefox integration

I now have plugins that have stopped the comment spam quite a bit. A great idea that I got from Jeremy was to use mod_rewrite as most comment spammers don't send a refer tag in their HTTP requests. I'm sure they soon will, but I have a few other things that I'd be willing to give a try.


If you're a people watcher, airports can be really exciting places.

You have happy people, sad people, rushed people, nervous people, relaxed people, excited people, tired people--just about any type of person that you could imagine, all in an airport.

It's good to be home.

Isn't travel fun?

(I just realized that I had posted this and the next entry)

Today started out fun by waking up nice and early to finish packing. You see,
the lovely wife and I are travelling to the corporate headquarters for the
"2005 Kick-Off Gala." I guess that means that we get to party on the company's
dime ;). Anyway, the alarm starts being annoying around 6:45--I know, some of
my faithul few think that this is sleeping in, but not for me. I finally roll
out of bed around 7:15, SSS, close up the suitcases and wait for the friendly
chauffeur (i.e. one of my cow-orkers that happens to have to go right past our
house to get to the airport).

Thanks to the ancient miracle of 2 day old snow, and stupid drivers, it takes
Poppy about 15m longer than normal to get to our house--couple that with him
leaving a little late == UGH!! Tick. Tick. At 8:20 we finally head on our
way to the airport--normally a 15-20m drive. Riiight. 8:50 sees us pulling
into the parking lot. We get parked just to see a tram pulling away. Great,
we get to wait. Oh. Did I mention that our flight is at 9:38? And we're
checking baggage--more on this later... The next tram is running behind and
doesn't show up until 9:07

We get to the terminal, and sprint for the e-checkin only to have it tell us
that because it's within 40m, we need to see an agent. Oh boy, that line looks
long. Thankfully there are some really nice people that let us cut in front of
them in the line. Too bad there are signs everywhere saying that baggage must
be checked no later than 40m prior to the flight. Guess what this means? We
get to catch the next flight--4h later. Suck.

Well, I guess someone wants us to spend more quality time together. Or me to
not work as much. I feel like I wasted the entire morning waking up early so
that I could be tired the rest of the day for nothing.

Bah Humbug.

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