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Olympics and TiVo

I rescind some of my comments bashing the olympics the other day. Today (with one day left in the olympics) I decided to check out the "Chevy and the Olympics" paid advertising on TiVo's main menu. Wow. There is quite a bit of stuff there. One thing that I wish I would have seen earlier is basically a direct link to the season pass manager for the olympics that lists what's in the guide info for each episode (for lack of a better term) on each channel. I did notice the medal counts link the other day, but never did dive into it further.

Way to go TiVo for integrating that stuff in, and getting advertising dollars out of it!

I know that it is on both the DirecTiVo and the SA TiVo, but I wonder how much of the advertising revenue D* keeps from TiVo....


I am rather disappointed by the olympics coverage this year. NBC has definately done it's best to control the US media market (print, web, and of course TV), that's for sure. I cannot speak for the HD coverage, but from some of the comments I've heard, it's pretty bad, too. Sure they have 5 channels of olympics coverage, but they hold everything until they want it played--and don't really tell us what is when. In the current age of TiVo (and dare I say other PVRs), they should give us a schedule of when every sport is going to be aired, and then we can TiVo the ones we want to see. 2 hours of gymnastics interspersed with 5 mins of swimming is not my idea of good programming (not that I am downplaying gymnastics, but my ADD mind doesn't want to see 2 hours straight). Where are the highlights from other sports?

At least they put the Men's basketball on at the right time--7a when nobody really wants to watch them anyway.

I found this funny little flash that gives me all the highlights I need....



It's woot!.

If you haven't seen this, they do one bargain a day, and it's usually a pretty good one, too.


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