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2008 NCAA Football

Apparently the good folks in Indianapolis (NCAA) have decided that the rules for football needed even more tweaking this year. Most of them tweak the clock to make the games shorter to "benefit the fans." I don't know about you, but except during the Turner years, and some pre-season games against TerribleU, I haven't really wanted a game to end sooner.

I take that back. The 2008 IL @ OSU game couldn't have ended soon enough, but I digress.

Here is a summary of the changes. Change #1 (in that list) really shouldn't make a whole bit of difference in the game, but change #2 is a pretty big deal. At least they stop the nonsense after the two minute warning--oh wait, college doesn't have that--but it's still a big pile of hooey. Change #3 could have the effect of either fewer or more facemask calls being made--we'll have to see how that plays out.

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