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Did someone put a quarter in the bed?

Apparently there was an earthquake (5.4 on the good old Richter) this morning in Southern Illinois that could be felt in Milwaukee. Did I feel it? I didn't wake up, if that's what you're asking. I probably subconsciously thought someone put a quarter into the bed.

Beth slept through it as well. When I told her about it shortly after she woke up (still asleep, really), she thought she was dreaming and we had moved to California or something.

The jet taking off from (landing at?) Palwaukee--er Chicago Executive--did wake wake me up at 6a. Maybe I'm just more in tune with noise than "touch."

Heh. As I was writing this, apparently there was another, slightly less powerful one just a few miles away. Didn't feel that one, either. There have been other very minor ones in that area all morning according to the USGS.

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  • Urgency is poisonous - "If your deliveries are that critical to the hour or day, maybe you’re setting up false priorities and dangerous expectations."

On living

I came across this quote on another blog that I read and thought I would share it with all y'all...

"The man who does not work for the love of work but only for money is not likely to make money nor find much fun in life."

--Charles Schwab (the founder of Bethlehem Steel, not the pioneering discount broker)

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