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This morning, Beth and I were talking and she used a word that I had never heard before: sonorous. I decided to look up the meaning of it, so I grabbed Old Trusty (Merriam Webster's Collegiate Dictionary, Tenth Edition) and here's what I found:

so·no·rous [pronunciation here] 1: production sound (as when struck) 2: full or loud in sound 3: imposing or impressive in effect or style 4: having a high or an indicated degree of sonority

Hmmm... Let's look up sonority:

so·nor·i·ty [pronunciation here] 1: the quality or state of bein sonorous: resonance 2: a sonorous tone or speech

[emphasis mine]

I was always taught never to define a word using a word whose definition is the original word. I would have expected better from Webster.


This is why I only use the Urban Dictionary.

Hmm... "sonorous isn't defined yet."

It may be something dirty, though, we just don't know it yet....

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