Insurance Oddities

As some of you may remember, my company got bought a little while back. They have been assimilating us little by little into the mother ship.

About a month ago we were sent to Indian cross culture training, and now I know what the wiggly head means, among other things.

Recently we've been charged with getting our benefits all signed up and stuff. I was looking over the information on our health insurance and something caught my eye:

In addition, there is a unique feature of the plan, that also provides for an option for treatment in India, should one be interested.

Apparently, they will cover airfare and lodging for you and a companion, as well as treatment at a facility in India, as long as the services are expected to be expensive here. That's an interesting benefit, and in the event that I have to have an expensive procedure done, I may even consider it for the trip to India :). Although, being a fairly healthy young lad, I probably won't need that anytime in the near future.

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