So how do you get Dick out of Richard? -- Christy, Sep 2004
The more I use ASP.NET, then more I think it sucks the six-day-old sweat off a syphilitic seaman's scrotum. -- Chris, 13 Jun 2005
A little bit of Richard was placed into Cindy. -- The pastor at Rich and Cindy's wedding, 31 Jul 2005
There are only so many hours between now and now, and that number is zero. -- Matt, 12 Sep 2005
Oh I see the problem... You were using it. You're not supposed to do that. -- John, 5 mins later
It's so small, is it really going to be useful? --Matt 5 Oct 2005
It's 11:26--most people round that up to 5:30 --me 30 Aug 2006
Be careful not to give him a sheet of paper either. He may fold it into an airplane and fly away. --Beth, after sitting through all the things you can't give babies. 26 Feb 2008