April 27, 2004

Where the wind blows

I think I am going to try to blog about each time I fly, especially since I am lazy about actually putting my flights in my logbook.

Another windy spring day. Another crappy day at the office (so to speak).

Since I haven't really done crosswind landings in awhile, I decided to give Saturday a go. I figure that by the time I was done, I'd be all set and ready to go back to Naper (LL10).

It all started with the takeoff. I couldn't hold the centerline worth a darn, but unfortunately at that point I was more than halfway down the 2000 ft of asphalt, so I couldn't abort. Well, I said, let's go for it and play at a longer runway. There are options around, worst case, that would allow me to land without much of a crosswind.

I play around down at Morris (C09) and have the worst time of my life. It definately is more difficult doing a right crosswind than a left crosswind. Something psychological about it, I suppose. Anyway, I decide to build my confidence back up over at Lewis (KLOT) since I could play with a left crosswind. There I had one of my better crosswind landings in a long time. Don't know if it was my best, but it certainly had me feeling good. Waited awhile to get back off--it was an oddly busy day--so I decided to go back to Naper. Had a prety good landing in the grass with a right crosswind.

Time: 1.0 tach == 1.2 actual
Landings: 4 @ C09, 1 @ KLOT, 1 @ LL10

Posted by molson at April 27, 2004 03:07 AM GMT